As you can see in the pictures around , what we have for a comparison are the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5. Both are mid-size SUVs or rather soft-roaders we would say , both are German , both are powered by 2.0-litre diesel engines and both are pretty new in the Indian market.

The Audi Q5 has been around for over two years , but its 2.0-litre diesel variant came earlier this year. The BMW is comparatively a more recent entrant , having come to these shores about three months ago. Since BMW and Audi have been arch-rivals for years , the battle for supremacy still continues even in this case.

The BMW M3. This car has been a top of the line option for well over a decade now, and the German auto maker seems to continuously raise the bar here when it comes to the M3. One of the newest enhancements is a carbon fiber roof that both adds to the car's visual appeal, and makes it even lighter on the road.

The weight of a car is another major factor in the speed of a sports car. This is the reason why race cars as well as high end sports cars are made of lightweight composite materials that help reduce the overall weight of a vehicle. Another thing that you will notice with sports cars is that they do not have large trunks or storage compartments. In fact, you are lucky to be able to fit a bag of golf clubs in the trunk or hatchback of a true sports car, in addition they usually only have two seats and have much firmer and tighter suspensions.

The audi A3 2.0 T is the very first automobile at our record. This particular automobile has tight handling and moves very well with regard to tiny spots such as those in the city. It's really a great car for single men and women, couples, and little family members. The actual audi A3 gets an average twenty one miles per gallon for the downtown and 29 miles per gallon at the motorways, and is also full of safety features to greatly help protect against auto accidents.

The slightly higher efficiency of the Q5 within city is due to its superior dual-clutch transmission , whereas the X3's at par efficiency on the highway despite having more power and torque is due to its eight-speed box that lets the car run at lower revolutions per minute.

How about the Lamborghini Murcielago or Gallardo. With 12 and 10 cylinder engines plus all wheel drive, both of these cars are worthy of many accolades. I tested the Gallardo and it is definitely a screamer with 540 horsepower, incredible handling, and everything else a true exotic sports car should have in spades.

George Thomas is a mechanical engineer who have years of experience in Auto industry. He is also giving advice for Dubai Car owners and Dubai automobile companies specially Toyota trader. He is also testing and checking variety of Dubai Pajero.